guidance_tagline_color_rgbFirst to market and still best in class, EnCase technology is used by 78 of the Fortune 100 and hundreds of government agencies worldwide for Digital Investigations, E-Discovery and Endpoint Security.


Tableau products are designed and built to meet the critical needs of the digital forensic community world-wide. Our duplicators, write blockers, utilities, and accessories are time-tested and case proven.


Securcube s.r.l is an Italian company that specializes in services and products for the Digital Forensics. Over the last few years, Securcube s.r.l. amassed substantial experience in dealing with the Law Enforcement’s day-to-day. Consequently, Securcube s.r.l. is acutely aware of the issues an investigator faces whilst running such inquests and of the procedures behind every successful investigation.

The Mission

Securcube mission is to develop effective forensic software solutions for the Law Enforcements Organisations and to reduce the time needed for the crime investigations. Securcube addresses its forensic solutions to law enforcements, public prosecutors, lawyers, private investigation agencies and government security agencies. Securcube core business is Phone Log:first created in 2010 and constantly updated, it correlates CDR with other sources of data (BTS, GPS, mobile extractions.), following the practical suggestions of the Law Enforcements. Securcube latest project is BTS Tracker, the innovative solution to measure and verify real cell tower coverage


Every day around the world, digital data is impacting investigations. Making it intelligent and actionable takes new workflows powered by a unified platform — the Cellebrite UFED Digital Forensics Platform. With powerful data acquisition, management and analysis tools, it will unify teams and unlock the intelligence of mobile data to accelerate investigations and produce defensible evidence.

Why Cellebrite? Because risking the chance that a crucial piece of digital evidence goes undiscovered is simply not an option.


Paraben has been committed to digital forensics since 2001 and our leadership has been pioneering the field for over 20 years. We believe in creating products that allow you to optimize you time and get the most data possible. If you have not used Paraben give us a try with our 15-day trial on any of our software products.


Voom designs and manufactures portable computer forensic devices and hard drive cloners.  We focus on extreme ease of use and high performance.



At Allied Vision, we help people see the bigger picture to achieve their goals. We deliver camera solutions for industrial inspection, medical and scientific imaging, traffic monitoring and many more applications, but we know that every project is unique and has its own technical challenges.

We believe knowledge is power and always strive to deliver valuable insight with our technology and expertise. From raising production standards to detecting disease faster or simply knowing who crossed the finish line first, we know that precision and truth are vital factors in every situation, which is why we focus on what counts. // more…