Securcube® BTS Tracker


The innovative Securcube® BTS Tracker is a digital forensic tool to monitor, measure and verify the real coverage of telephone cells.

Particularly accurate, Securcube® BTS Tracker discovers the position of the cell towers in the specific analyzed area. It reports not only the registered cells but also those that mobile phones only detect but don’t register.

Track with precision the itinerary of a suspect and save the data as log files. These files are immediately ready to be imported and examined with Securcube® Phone Log, the CDR analysing tool.

The product offers the investigators the unique possibility to examine additional details, upgrading the investigation by considering different points of view.

The tool is composed of a hardware module and a software. It is also available as a free mobile app (with limitations due to the model of the device and the carrier).


Securcube® BTS Tracker works side by side with the investigators on their field tests and it is suitable for technical units while maintaining an easy to use approach: just connect the monitor and start the survey. No setting required, compatible with worldwide carriers and the latest technologies available on the market: GSM, UMTS and LTE.


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BTS Tracker hardware module


    • Accurate radio sensitivity.
    • Compatible with all carriers.
    • Cell site analysis geolocation
    • GSM compatible: reveals both serving and neighbour cells. No SIM card required.
    • UMTS compatible: reveals both serving and neighbour cells. No SIM card required.
    • LTE compatible: reveals emergency serving cell, no SIM card required, and serving cells, requires SIM card.
    • Weak signal identification
    • Real cell coverage visualisation (registered and detected).
    • Import log files on Securcube® Phone Log
    • Easy to carry around, size 5.5cm x 8cm x 1.9cm.