Securcube® Phone Log


Call Data Records (CDR), cell site analysis and Data Device Correlation


CDR (Call Detail Record) are massive amount of data, hard to manage by hand.  Securcube® Phone Log makes CDR analysis easy and straightforward.
The software works side by side with the investigator to improves the quality of the results obtained, drastically reducing the time needed in the investigation.
This professional solution offers a wide range of functionalities that are able to meet all the investigators’ requirements. Directly import phone records from various file formats (.txt, excel files, .pdf and .csv files): the software, in fact, supports all around the world CDR internal structures.
Start your investigation right away and export the obtained results as .cvs, excel and .pdf files, in graphic format or as Zip archives certified by HASH code.

  • Easy
  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Results


Intuitive Graphics

  • Suitable for non-technical users too
  • Easy dashboard overview.
  • Intuitive timeline and search on maps.
  • Export .txt, excel, image and .pdf file.
  • Online and offline maps.
  • Easy to interpret results.


  • Basic and advanced filters
  • Smart researches to slim down the list of the CDR and possibility to personalise the results with the advanced setting
  • Multi-search to combine users’ activities and movements.
  • Search by User
  • Search by Subscriber /IMEI or IMSI / Tag / Cell tower location or activity